YouTube operational API works when YouTube Data API v3 fails.

Current implemented features:

Based on Channels: list:,upcomingEvents,shorts,community,channels,about,approval,playlists,snippet,membership&cId=C_ID&id=CHANNEL_ID&handle=HANDLE&forUsername=USERNAME&order=viewCount(&pageToken=PAGE_TOKEN)

Based on CommentThreads: list:,replies&id=COMMENT_ID&videoId=VIDEO_ID&order=relevance,time(&pageToken=PAGE_TOKEN)

Based on Playlists: list:,statistics&id=PLAYLIST_ID

Based on PlaylistItems: list:

Based on Search: list:,snippet&q=QUERY&channelId=CHANNEL_ID&eventType=upcoming&hashtag=HASH_TAG&type=video,short&order=viewCount,relevance(&pageToken=PAGE_TOKEN)

Based on Videos: list:,status,contentDetails,music,short,impressions,musics,isPaidPromotion,isPremium,isMemberOnly,mostReplayed,qualities,chapters,isOriginal,isRestricted,snippet,clip,activity&id=VIDEO_ID&clipId=CLIP_ID&SAPISIDHASH=YOUR_SAPISIDHASH,time,sponsorshipGifts,memberships&id=VIDEO_ID,participants&id=VIDEO_ID&time=TIME_MS

Make YouTube Data API v3 request WITHOUT ANY KEY:

To make ANY YouTube Data API v3 request WITHOUT ANY KEY/USING YOUR QUOTA, you can use:

For instance you can use: instead of

I may add in the future limitation per IP etc if the quota need to be better shared among the persons using this API.

Currently this service is powered by 307 keys.

Share your YouTube Data API v3 key to power the no-key service:


The source code is available on GitHub:


If a feature you are looking for which isn't working on YouTube Data API v3, ask kindly with the below contact:
- Matrix
- Discord

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